Our company has been established for 30 years or more. Except overseas, we have an enormous customer base in Hong Kong. We have collected some of the users’ feedback and comments as below.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

“Recently mosquito-borne diseases such as Japanese encephalitis have been ravaged in Hong Kong. The LCSD has escalated anti-mosquito measures in various public and recreational venues. Due to the serious situation of mosquitoes in various beaches in the Southern District and the original bug killer failed to cope with the situation.  In the year of 2015, the LCSD has replaced the “Bug Killer Electronic Lamps” at three beaches in Southern District, including: Chung Hom Kok Beach, Nam Wan Beach and Kam Ping Wan beach etc. They were mainly located at locker rooms, washrooms and more. The situation has improved and the results have been satisfactory. ”

Castle Peak Power Plant CLP POWER HONG KONG

“Our power plant is located at Tuen Mun Tak Shek Kok, the mosquito problem at  workplace which is usually outdoor, has been serious. The traditional bug killing measures are not weather-proofing, they do not meet the safety standards either. After comparing several products in the market, we have adopted ManShun Bug Killing Electronic Lamp, the results is significant and remarkable. Not only does it kill the mosquito and flies, but also the baby mosquito (clam).


“Government required construction site to comply with anti-mosquito regulations to prevent denger fever.Since Kaden has been partners with ManShun for years, we adopt their Bug Killer Electronic Lamp at our consturction sites. The result is significant and when compairing to anti-mosquito chemicals such as mosquito oils or coils, ManShun’s bug killing electronic lamp is more effective and weather-proofing. It is also more economical and cost saving!

St. Mary’s Canossian College

“Our school installed a number of ManShun’s bug killing electronic lamps in the playground, canteen and monastery, the effect is satisfactory. In order to provide  better protection to the teachers and students, ManShun’s product will be used at the classroom this year as well.

Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

“Our school has a large piece of farm for students to study plantation, however, the mosquitoes has been an annoying problem to us. Last year, we have installed ManShun’s Bug Killer Electronic Lamps, the lamps have been filled with bodies of mosquitoes and clams at less than a week after installation.”

Hospital Authority – Castle Peak Hospital

“Our hospital is located at Tuen Mun. In line with the government anti-mosquito work, we had implmented ManShun’s Bug Killing Electronic Lamps at various places in our hospital in 2014 including offices, wards, quarters and outdoor areas. After installation, the mosquito problem has been improved and the result is satisfactory.”


“The school has always been very cautious in purchasing such anti-mosquito products. Other than considering whether the products themselves will have side effects on teachers and students, safety issue is also one of our concern. After comparing various products on the market, we decided to install ManShun’s bug killing electronic lamps at the classrooms in our school.”

 The Chinese University of Hong Kong

 “Our campus is located near at highland; and has lots of outdoor cafes. However, the mosquito problem always prevents our staff/students from enjoying the campus facilities.  The mosquito lamp we purchased is not effective against the problem, especially the blood-sucking young/baby mosquito. Fortunately, we adopt Manshun’s BUG KILLER series which are waterproof and can be placed outdoor. The situation has been improved and our staff/students now can enjoy the campus facilities carefree.” 

 Mei Lam Estate

 “We have been using mosquito killers but cannot create an impact. After adoption of Manshun’s BUG KILLER at various locations like village playground, pedestrian access, taxi stand and building lobby, the result is satisfactory. We are planning to apply it to the entire estate.”

 Pui Ching Middle School

 “Our school has been suffering from the mosquito problem for many years. The installation of gas mosquito killer cannot help solve the problem. Until we adopt Manshun’s BUG KILLER series, the situation improves.”

 Shum Shui Po District Kindergarten

 “Our school has been established for 20 years or more and we never have rodent hazards. These uninvited guests came in 2009 – staff always heard strange noise from the ceilings, teaching tools at the classroom and utility room were bite and destroyed and small black granular mucus were found everywhere. Not until we employ SUPERANTIPEST, rodent hazard is confirmed. However, chemical or toxic anti-rodents substance cannot be applied at kindergarten, thus we adopt the RAT SCARE Mouse & Rat Repeller. After several weeks of application, the situation improves and campus hygiene resume to normal.”

 The Old Kai Tak Airport Construction Site

 “Mosquito problem annoys us a lot as it is hard to set up anti-mosquito tool at an outdoor construction site. After adoption of Manshun’s BUG KILLER electronic anti-mosquito lamp for a few days, the lamp is loaded with mosquitoes. So we apply more lamps at the site, and the situation obviously improves.”

 Maryknoll Fathers’ School

 “Our school building has been renovated at 2008; it appears to be good and refreshing. However, the mosquito problem arises. Some of our students even wore long sleeves in the hot summer to prevent being targeted by the mosquito. After comparing several anti-mosquito products on current market, we adopt MANSHUN’s BUG KILLER. Only after a few days of application, the anti-mosquito lamp is loaded with mosquitoes. It definitely make a change and worth your try!”

 San Po Kong District Factory Building

 “We have been working in the garment factory in San Po Kong over years, and the rodent hazards emerge in 2010 suddenly. At first we only hear strange noise from the ceilings, however later we found them everywhere. Not only does is affect office hygiene and working morale, the rodents also bite and damage the power cords which interrupt our production. After introducing Manshun’s RAT SCARE electronic rodent repeller only for two weeks, the rodents disappear without a trace!”

 Cixing Court Renai Service Center (elderly dormitory)

 “The mosquito killer we brought initially cannot effectively tackle the problem. By referral, we adopt ManShun’s BUG KILLER. An electronic anti-mosquito lamp is installed in every dormitory, and elderly user found it less likely to be bitten by mosquito.”

 Tai Wing Wah Restaruant

 “We have been ordering mosquito killers overseas, but their after-sale service is poor. We switch to ManShun’s BUG KILLER series and install them in our restaurant. They are effective with elegant design.” 

 Shek Kip Mei District Food Stall

 “It is not rare to find rodents in catering industry. However, the rodent problem is worsening recently – rodents disregard human activities and appear no matter daytime or night time. This seriously affects our customer’s appetite and our business drop! We have been trying hard to clean the kitchens every day, properly stored the food and utensils and keep our place hygienic. Even the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has sent a commissioner to deal with the rodent problem, but the situation has not improved much.  Until we apply ManShun’s RAT SCARE electronic rodent repeller, rats are disturbed and escape the squirrel cage we set long ago capture rats. So we installed more rodent repellers from ManShun and now no rodents can be found at our stall!”

 Wan Chai District Themed Restaurant

 “The rodent problems started last year. The problem deteriorated fast and seriously affects our business. After installation ManShun RAT SCARE series, the number of rodents decreased and now no trace of them can be found!”