Model# : PR-003D

How it works:
Our company possess the latest patent of automatic three-wave integrated launch technology (currently the most comprehensive electronic rats repelling technology) which stimulates the central nervous system of rats, and its high-frequency transfiguration makes rats feel painful and discomfort so to escape from the applied area; Built-in microcomputer chip control and automatic strong/ weak adjustment function destroy pest adaptability; The built-in heat dissipation components also makes it suitable for long-term power-on operation; This products is mainly designed to repel rats, but it also has certain inhibition effect on cockroaches, ants, fleas, etc.

This product is equipped with a rectifier and a power cord for users to place in locations such as ceilings or roofs. Due to its high emission intensity , please be prepared that it may inevitably produce a little noise during operation.

Product specifications:
Product size: 23cm (length) x 14cm (width) x 13cm (height)
Input power: AC220V/50Hz
Effective coverage: 1000 – 2000 square feet (calculated in a single room)
Safety certification: In line with CE electrical safety standards

Recommended location:
Suitable for commercial or large areas such as school playgrounds, restaurants, restaurants, supermarkets, housing estates, garages, factories and warehouses, etc.

* Purchase is enclosed with one year warranty.