Model# : PR-042D

How it works:
Our company possess the latest patent of automatic three-wave integrated launch technology (currently the most comprehensive electronic mouse & rats repelling technology) which stimulates the central nervous system of rats, and its high-frequency transfiguration makes rats feel painful and discomfort so to escape from the applied area. Built-in microcomputer chip control and automatic strong/weak adjustment function destroy pest adaptability. The built-in heat dissipation components also makes it suitable for long-term power-on operation. This products is mainly designed to repel rats, but it also has certain inhibition effect on cockroaches, ants and fleas, etc.

The product design is user friendly and space saving. It is built-in with the power plug and will be in the operation mode once plugged in.

Product specifications:
Product size: 13cm (length) x 8cm (wide)
Input power: AC220V/50Hz
Effective coverage: 100 – 200 square feet (calculated in a single room)
Safety certification: In line with CE electrical safety standards

Recommended location:
Suitable for living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, utility room, office, classroom, restaurant, shop, grocery store and clubhouse, etc.

* Purchase is enclosed with one year warranty.