Model# : PR-058D

How it works:
Three-wave integrated launch technology to effectively stimulate and repel mice. Ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves effectively reduce cockroaches’ ability to breed, move and harm. Produces negative ions to purify air, which disinfect and to lower the air pollution index.

It is equipped with a power cord for users to place in locations such as ceilings or roofs. There is also an air purification button, press it to enter the air purification mode when needed.

Product specifications:
Product size: 13cm (diameter) x 8cm (height)
Input power: AC220V/50Hz
Effective coverage: 200 – 450 square feet (calculated in a single room)
Safety certification: In line with CE electrical safety standards

Recommended location:
Suitable for residential or public places, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, offices, restaurants, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, housing halls and clubs, etc.

* Purchase is enclosed with one year warranty.